Visiting Researcher & Affiliate

Library Cards & Library Usefor Affiliates and Visiting Researchers

Borrowers with Affiliate or Visiting Scholar status will receive full library privileges during the time they are on campus. Review the Notice to Affiliates and Visiting Researchers Authorized to Use Licensed Electronic Resources below.

for Affiliate Users:How to get a library card @ ASKus

  • Obtain an Affiliate NCard from the NCard Office.
  • Bring your Affiliate NCard with you to borrow or pick up library materials at any ASKus location.

for Visiting Researchers:How to get a library card @ ASKus

  • Ask for a letter from your your sponsoring UNL department with the following information:
    • your contact information and address
    • dates of your research appointment
  • Bring the letter to Love Library.
  • We will issue a library card that you can use to borrow or pick up library materials at any ASKus location.

Notice to Affiliates and Visiting ResearchersAuthorized to Use Licensed Electronic Resources

The licensed electronic resources made available to you by the University of Nebraska Lincoln Libraries are for noncommercial research, instruction, and scholarly activities of current faculty, staff, students, and affiliated authorized users. U.S. Copyright Law (including the protections of “fair use”) and contractual license agreements govern the access, use, and reproduction of these resources. As an affiliated authorized user, your use is limited to the specific purpose and term of your affiliation with the University of Nebraska.

In general, access allows you to search, browse, and view available content; print, download, and store a reasonable portion of specific items for academic purposes; and provide copies of individual items to authorized users or colleagues for noncommercial research or scholarly use.

Prohibited uses:

  • Commercial exploitation or resale of licensed material
  • Sharing passwords or allowing anyone other than authorized users to access content
  • Large-scale downloading of journal articles, electronic books, or other information
  • Use of robots, spiders, or other automated means to systematically download licensed content

License agreements often provide for monitoring of unusual high-volume activity from individual computer addresses. Violations of license terms by individual users may result in termination of access for the individual and the University. Publishers may also seek legal recourse.

Questions regarding allowable uses of specific licensed electronic resources may be directed to

Other access or account questions may be directed to