Organizational Chart

Dean of Libraries
Associate Professor
Liz Lorang

    1. Communications Librarian
      Associate Professor of Practice
      Joan Barnes

    2. Associate Dean for Research & Learning

      1. Associate Director, Information Services & Learning Spaces (ISLeS)
        Toni Anaya

      2. Chair, Research Partnerships
        Associate Professor
        Scout Calvert

      3. Chair, Teaching Partnerships
        Associate Professor
        Richard Graham

    3. Associate Dean of Collections and Resources Management
      Associate Professor
      Charlene Maxey-Harris

      1. Interim Chair, Collections Strategy & Open Scholarship (CSOS)
        Associate Professor
        Charlene Maxey-Harris

      2. Associate Director for Collection Management & Maintenance
        Michael Straatmann

      3. Chair, Acquisitions, Cataloging, Metadata, E-resources (ACME)
        Associate Professor
        Harriet Wintermute

    4. Director of Finance & Administration
      Lori Harvey

    5. Archives & Special Collections
      Associate Professor
      Melanie Griffin

    6. Chair, Digital Strategies & co-Director, CDRH
      Andrew Jewell

      1. Assistant Director for Digital & Scholarly Infrastructures
        Karin Dalziel

      2. Assistant Director for Technology Solutions
        Dwight Leggott