Organizational Chart

Dean of Libraries
Claire Stewart

    1. Communications Librarian
      Associate Professor of Practice
      Joan Barnes

    2. Associate Dean for Research & Learning
      Associate Professor
      Elizabeth Lorang

      1. Associate Director, Information Services & Learning Spaces (ISLeS)
        Toni Anaya

      2. Chair, Research Partnerships
        Associate Professor
        Scout Calvert

      3. Chair, Teaching Partnerships
        Associate Professor
        Richard Graham

    3. Associate Dean & Interim Chair, Acquisitions, Cataloging, Metadata, E-resources (ACME)
      Associate Professor
      Charlene Maxey-Harris

      1. Chair, Collections Strategy & Open Scholarship
        Sue Gardner

      2. Associate Director for Collection Management & Maintenance
        Michael Straatmann

      3. Chair, Acquisitions, Cataloging, Metadata, E-resources (ACME)

    4. Director of Finance & Administration
      Lori Harvey

    5. Interim Chair, Archives & Special Collections
      Andrew Jewell

    6. Chair, Digital Strategies & co-Director, CDRH
      Andrew Jewell

      1. Assistant Director for Digital & Scholarly Infrastructures
        Karin Dalziel

      2. Associate Director for Technology Solutions
        Dwight Leggott