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Organizational Charts

University Libraries Organizational Chart

Administration * | Faculty | Senior Administrative Team | Managerial/Professional (MP) | Office Services (OS) | Libraries IT

  1. *Dean of Libraries

    Claire Stewart

    1. *Head of Libraries Facilities Planning & Interim Chair, Access Services
      Assoc. Prof.


    2. *Interim Associate Dean, Associate Professor

      L. Lorang

    3. *Chair DISC & Co-Chair CDRH

      K. Walter

    4. *Interim Chair, DARM and Interim Assoc. Dean,
      Assoc. Professor

      C. Maxey-Harris

      1. Coordinator, User Experience Assoc. Prof.

        T. Anaya

    5. *Interim Assoc. Dean
      Associate Prof.

      E. Lorang

      1. Genoa School Projects


      2. Coordinator, Teaching & Learning
        Assoc. Professor

        C. Fraser Riehle

        1. Liaison Librarian
          Assoc. Professor

          J. Konecky

        2. Learning Comm. Librarian
          Assoc. Prof.

          L. Dawes

        3. Instruction Specialist

          J. Simons

        4. Teaching & Learning Librarian
          Assoc. Prof. of Practice

          M. Gomis

    6. *Interim Chief Operating & Business Officer

      L. Harvey

      1. Manager of Libraries IT

        D. Leggott

        1. Computer Support Assoc.

          J. Li

        2. IT Specialist

          A. McCluskey

        3. Systems Coordinator

          J. Bougger

        4. Programmer Analyst II

          M. Litwa

        5. Workstation Support Assoc. I

          L. Mozer

        6. Programmer Analyst III

          S. Rickel

        7. Computer Support Assoc.

          S. Sall

        8. LAN Administrator L1

          T. Nagata

      2. Acquisitions Accountant II

        A. Shipley

      3. Serials Records Specialist

        M. Epp

      4. Coordinator, Business Center

        L. Harvey

      1. Senior Acct. Associate


      2. Secretarial Associate

        D. Carstens