Places to Study

Study Room ReservationStudents can reserve a study room

Group study rooms are collaborative learning spaces for students, not individual study spaces, faculty or staff meeting rooms or classrooms.

For 2 or more people.

Up to 2 hours per day.

Up to 2 weeks ahead of time.

Secure Your Room With a Reservation in Love or Adele Hall Learning Commons

OR, call 402-472-9568, visit the ASKus South Lobby location.

You can also use the tablets located at study room doors in the Adele Hall Learning Commons.

Love Library & Adele Coryell Hall Learning CommonsIntended for collaborative and study-related purposes only

Love South & The Link
  • open quiet study spaces in the mezzanine and stacks
  • open areas and reservable rooms in the Quiet Reading Room
  • the Talk Zone, for collaborative study
  • individual, small or large group options
Love North
  • first-come, first-use study cubicles
  • technology equipped rooms
  • individual or small group study options
Adele Hall Learning Commons
  • small or large group study rooms
  • technology equipped rooms
  • individual, small or large group options
  • open, collaborative study areas throughout


  • Burns & McDonnell study room
  • Olsson & Associates study room
  • 3 additional study rooms north of the Library
  • over 10 large tables and 8 individual carrels
  • general seating throughout with access to mobile and stationary whiteboards

Engineering Library

Photo of study cube at engineering library.
Photo of study areas in the math library


  • first-come, first-use small group study room
  • general seating, tables and booths available throughout

Math Library

Additional Library Study SpacesSpaces for Quiet and Collaborative Study Throughout