Research Data Management & Sharing

Announcing a New Data Management and Sharing (DMS) Policy

A new Data Management and Sharing (DMS) Policy goes into effect as of January 25, 2023, for all research supported by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The NIH is implementing this policy to promote the sharing of scientific data. Under the DMS policy, investigators and institutions must plan and budget for the managing and sharing of data, submit a DMS plan for review when applying for funding, and implement the approved DMS plan.

The NIH and the Council on Governmental Relations (COGR) have prepared a number of resources to guide researchers and their institutions in preparing research data management and sharing plans that are feasible, supportable, and meet the objectives of NIH’s increased data sharing requirements.

UNL experts are also prepared to help. We encourage you to visit the NIH sharing website, review COGR’s NIH Data Management and Sharing Readiness Guide, and contact UNL experts listed in the areas below.

Providing Support for Research Data Management and Sharing

Robust and effective research data management and data sharing are critical for advancing knowledge and for accelerating the development of solutions to the most pressing problems we face locally, nationally, and globally.

As researchers at UNL imagine, design, and implement their data management and sharing plans, they have the benefit of support from experts across the university, including from the University Libraries, the Office of Research and Economic Development, University of Nebraska Information Technology Services, and the Holland Computing Center.


to Help You Plan, Design, Budget, Submit, and Implement your Research Data Management and Sharing Plans

Crafting Your Data Management and Sharing Plan

DMPTool provides guidance and examples tailored to meet the specific requirements of different research funding entities.
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Working with Human Subjects and Data

Visit the IRB/Human Subjects page for more information about conducting research with human subjects at UNL. Please refer to the IRB’s informed consent templates, which include statements to help inform subjects of data sharing needs and Certificates of Confidentiality (CoCs). In addition, please also refer to the IRB A-Z Guidance Topics on CoCs, and data identifiability definitions.

Managing Personally Identifiable Information in Your Research Data

Email Alian Kasabian, Research Data & Security Liaison, Office of Research and Economic Development.

Budgeting for Your Data

Email Office of Sponsored Programs, Proposal Budget Coordinator, Sponsored Programs.

Designing, Capturing and Analyzing Your Data

Research Core Facilities at UNL

Holland Computing Center

Curating Your Data

Create, organize and maintain data sets so they can be accessed and used by you and others.

Email UNL Libraries' Research Data Team for a customized consultation on data curation practices and standards.

The UNL Libraries is a member of the multi-institution Data Curation Network, extending our ability to advise and connect you with expert curation information.

Learning about Unique and Persistent Identifiers

A string of letters and numbers used to distinguish between, and locate, different objects or resources.

Email the UNL Libraries’ Research Data Team to consult about researcher IDs, DOIs, and other unique and persistent identifiers.

University of Nebraska System Research Data & Security Requirements

Several system-wide executive memoranda also govern research data and security requirements: