Teaching Partnerships & Collaborations

Building Strategic Partnerships in Information Literacy

Librarians and professional staff at the University Libraries are teachers. We create learning environments and opportunities to help students build information literacy and research skills. Our key goal is to advance critical, ethical, and equitable access, use and creation of information.

Learning Outcomes

These learning outcomes, based on the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy in Higher Education, provide the basis of the Libraries’ programmatic teaching and learning-related efforts.

Review Frames, Outcomes, and Big Questions

Our subject specialists can help you meet your teaching and learning goals.

Teaching Partnerships & Collaborations

Our teaching emphasizes research dispositions and practices, critical information literacy, and individual librarians' areas of expertise (disciplinary, methodological, and more). Our librarians

  • develop interactive, online materials for asynchronous learning
  • teach as guest instructors for one or more sessions
  • serve as embedded librarians in courses
  • co-teach courses
  • design and teach credit courses as instructors of record

Workshops Beyond the Classroom

We offer extra-curricular workshops that cover a wide variety of topics designed for audiences with different levels of experience and expertise. If you would like to schedule a workshop, contact the Library Instruction Office for information on how to schedule one of these workshops.

Curriculum Development

We work with instructors to develop assignments, learning experiences, units, entire courses, and even curricular sequences that

  • map to information literacy and disciplinary standards
  • draw on best practices for engaging students in research and information use as iterative processes
  • set students up for success in their research by identifying available resources and by providing real-world/practical experiences
  • position students not only as consumers or users of information but importantly also as critics and creators
  • incorporate critical engagement with technology and computer application skills
  • scaffold student learning about research and information processes
  • integrate with course-management systems

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