Policies & Emergency Procedures

Emergency Procedures

The University Libraries outlines fire, bomb, power outage, and tornado emergency procedures for the Libraries.

Libraries Emergency Procedures

In addition, the Libraries follows University of Nebraska Emergency Planning and Preparedness policies and procedures.

UNL Emergency Preparedness Resources

AED Locations in Love Library

Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) are located in Love Library. Find them in the following locations:

  • Love Library Link near 220
  • Adele Hall Learning Commons near restrooms

Space Usage Policy

Space in the University Libraries’ is primarily intended for academic research collections, Libraries’ services and programs, study space for the University community, and Libraries’-sponsored or co-sponsored events. UNL Libraries space for personal use or events by current student groups or alumni groups is outside the scope of our intended use. This includes any activity resulting in financial gain for the client, except for charitable fundraisers or other events approved in advance by Library Administration.

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Standards of Conduct

The Libraries’ Standards of Conduct applies to all persons using the Libraries’ online or physical resources, spaces, or services and all visitors to the University Libraries (collectively, the “patrons”). The standards are intended to supplement, rather than replace, other University policies.

The Standards of Conduct extends to all University of Nebraska-Lincoln Libraries locations in Architecture Hall, Avery Hall, Bessey Hall, Dinsdale Family Learning Commons, Kiewit Hall, Library Depository Retrieval Facility, Love Library, Nebraska Hall and Westbrook Music Building.

University Libraries provides a safe, accessible and welcoming environment for all. Patrons are encouraged to use our spaces for information discovery, collaboration, scholarly research, and creative endeavors. Patrons are expected to treat others with respect and refrain from engaging in any conduct that substantially and unreasonably interferes with the safe and orderly use, operation, or administration of the facilities.

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Surveillance Technology & Privacy in Libraries Spaces

The University Libraries upholds the privacy principles of the American Library Association, that “All people, regardless of origin, age, background, or views, possess a right to privacy and confidentiality in their library use. Libraries should advocate for, educate about, and protect people's privacy.” The Libraries also recognizes the value of technology to help us learn about and plan for our spaces as well as contribute to safety on the university campus. Recognizing this range of values, the Libraries provides information about surveillance technology used in its spaces in order to be transparent, so individuals can make informed decisions about their activities in Libraries spaces.

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Confidentiality Statement

The University Libraries uphold the principles set forth in the American Library Association Statement on Professional Ethics that states that circulation records will remain confidential. Contact ASKus for further information on this policy.

The University Libraries and University Counsel will comply with agents conducting an investigation resulting from invocation of the USA Patriot's Act.

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Lost & Found

In keeping with the policy adopted by University of Nebraska Campus Police, this policy applies to items turned in as lost and found to the Love Library South, ASKus 1st Floor or any branch library.

id card icon

Items below are turned over to University Police.

  • Purses, wallets, cash, credit/debit cards, backpacks, keys
  • ID cards including University IDs and drivers licenses
  • Calculators and electronics with a minimum value of $50.00

shirt icon

Items below are retained as space allows, and discarded if no owner can be found.

  • Textbooks/notebooks
  • Prescription eyeglasses, including sunglasses
  • Clothing including jackets, hats and mittens
  • Miscellaneous: charger cords, flash drives, bottles, pictures, etc.

Laptop Policies

Laptops are available to current University of Nebraska-Lincoln students, staff, and faculty to checkout

View Laptop Use and Policies

Public Access Computers

Because funding for public-access computers comes from student technology fees, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Libraries must ensure that University students have priority use. As an institution partially funded with state dollars, the University Libraries also provides limited computer/Internet access as a courtesy to the general public. Internet access is widely available elsewhere in the Lincoln area, including the various branches of the Lincoln City Libraries.

All computer use must comply with the University of Nebraska's computer use policy. Violation of this policy can result in revocation of the user's card and possible intervention by university police.

Pet Policy

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln prohibits pets from University of Nebraska-Lincoln controlled buildings, except for dogs that have been trained to do work or perform tasks for an individual with a disability. While on University controlled property:

  • dogs must be under full control (walking, standing or sitting quietly) by the person's side at all times.
  • dogs should not be wandering, jumping, barking or being disruptive in any way.
  • if someone nearby is allergic, the person with the dog will be asked to re-locate.

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Persistent problems should be reported to Institutional Equity and Compliance at 402-472-3417.