Vision & Mission Statement

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Mission Statement

University Libraries advances the mission of the University by teaching students to become critical information-users and knowledge creators; through the creation, delivery, curation, and preservation of information resources; through collaborative partnerships in research and creative activities; by advocating for equitable access to information; and by creating diverse and inclusive learning environments.

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Our Values

The University Libraries are people who:

Champion Learning

  • We support learners at all levels as they gain competence in information discovery, use, and creation.
  • We affirm continuous learning, participative planning and management, and robust collaboration by Libraries' faculty and staff.
  • We promote ethical and equitable information systems and practices while responding to the information needs of our communities.

Create and Share Research

  • We create, curate, deliver, and preserve information resources that are central to higher education, the public good, the underrepresented and marginalized voices of the state and region, and the achievement of equity and justice.
  • We disseminate the work and research of UNL students, faculty, and staff.
  • We generate and publish original research in library and information science and numerous related disciplinary fields.

Support Community Engagement

  • We provide inclusive and welcoming environments that support exploration and discovery, enable individual and collaborative learning, reward curiosity and creativity, and promote civic engagement.
  • We create healthy spaces that represent traditional and emerging library values, in which services, resources, environments, and activities support and inspire the multidisciplinary research and learning needs of students and scholars.