The University of Nebraska Libraries are committed to providing equitable access to resources and materials for the State of Nebraska and for the University community. Since 2020, the Libraries have expanded loan periods and abolished most fees wherever possible to support student success and to remove barriers for all users.

Payment Options

Library borrowing and requests are blocked when fines and fees reach $25 and are unblocked when paid below the $25 threshold.

In-person payment

Pay in-person at ASKus desks located in Love Library South Lobby or the Dinsdale Family Learning Commons. 

Acceptable forms of in-person payments include:

  • Cash
  • NCard
  • Check
  • Credit Card (Love Library Only)

Credit card payments

Pay by credit card by calling the Love Library ASKus desk at:


Check payments

Mail check payments to:

University of Nebraska - Lincoln Libraries  
104 Love Library 
13th and R St. 
University of Nebraska - Lincoln 
Lincoln NE 68588-4102 

Users can log into their library account to check due dates and fine or fee amounts, or contact ASKus for assistance.


Users will receive library account notices for any fees or costs incurred. These notices are automatically emailed through the catalog systems. Users are responsible for fines even if no notice is received. Users will need to log into their library account to check due dates or contact ASKus for information. Users are responsible for payment of fines at the time they are incurred. 

Interlibrary Loan and ILL Request Fees

Interlibrary Loan is not able to obtain all requested items for free. Lending libraries outside of UNL may charge fees to provide materials. If the request results in a charge, you will be contacted with a cost estimate. If you have questions regarding the charges for a specific request or potential charges for an item you would like to request, please  contact ASKus.

Community User and Alumni Association Member Charges

Non-University of Nebraska - Lincoln Community Users pay a $10.00 service fee per Interlibrary Loan request for items not available at University of Nebraska - Lincoln.

Replacement Costs and Damaged Items

Replacement costs will be billed if:

  • books or bound periodicals are past 30 days overdue
  • reserve items or equipment are past 15 days overdue.

All fees will be waived if the items are returned.

Items not returned or damaged will be billed for the replacement costs outlined below. Charges may be revised for out-of-print or more expensive items. Minor damages may be assessed charges to repair or replace pages, as required.

The option to purchase a replacement item in unused or new condition, or an unused or new edition alternative may be available dependent upon the item. Please email to check with a Librarian.

Replacement Fees by Item Type

Print Materials

The replacement fee for print materials is $150 per item.

ILL Materials

The replacement fee for Interlibrary Loan materials is $150 per item.

Digital Equipment, Media & Other Materials

The replacement fees for digital equipment, media, and other materials varies per item.