Overdue Fines and Fees

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Overdue Fines and Fees

Overdue Fines and Other Fees

Users are responsible for payment of fines at the time they are incurred.

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Books & Bound Periodicals

Books, Bound Periodicals Fines
Loan Period Overdue Fee Per Item
1 day $1.50 per item per day
3 days $1.00 per item per day
1 week $1.00 per item per day
4,6 and 8 weeks $.25 cents per item per day
Unreturned Recalls $1.00 per day

Maximum fine: $10.00

You will be billed replacement costs if the item you have checked out is over 21 days overdue. If the item is returned, your fine will be adjusted to $10.00.

Reserve Fines
Loan Period Overdue Fee Per Item
2 hour $1.00 per hour
1 day $3.00 per day
3 and 7 days $1.00 per day

Audio/Video, DVD, Digital Equipment & Games

Headphones & Ethernet Cables
Loan Period Overdue Fee Per Item
4 hours $5.00 per hour (or portion of an hour)
Digital Equipment (Cameras, Camcorders, External Hard Drives, Tripods etc.)
Loan Period Overdue Fee Per Item
72 hour $2.00 per hour. Max fine $10.00
DVDs, Blu Rays, Electronic Games
Loan Period Overdue Fee Per Item
7 day, no renewals $1.00 per day each item
Boxed Game Fines
Loan Period Overdue Fee Per Item
3 days, 2 renewals of 24 hours each $5.00 per day

Replacement Costs

Government Documents Replacement Costs
Number of Pages Replacement Cost
up to 8 pages/maps $10.00
up to 20 pages $25.00
21 + pages $50.00
CD $60.00
Processing and Billing Fees
Material Type Billing Fee
Books/Documents $15.00
Bound Periodicals $15.00
Theses $15.00
Unbound Current Periodicals $15.00
DVD $15.00
Items with 10 or fewer missing pages $6.00 + $.40 cents per page
Binding Fee $10.00
  • Item(s) with 10 or fewer missing pages will be assessed a $6.00 processing fee and $.40 per page replacement charge
  • item(s) with more than 10 missing pages must be replaced with a new copy

Standard Replacement Costs

  • Print materials: $125.00 plus billing and/or processing fees of up to $15.00.
  • Replacement costs for other types of materials and digital media vary.
  • Lost or stolen Community Member card: $5.00

We reserve the right to revise the charges on out-of-print or more expensive items.

We provide the option of purchasing a replacement item in unused or new condition, or an unused or new edition item acceptable to the appropriate subject specialist or library staff member.

Overdue Notices*

  1. Overdue notices are sent on a regular basis.
  2. Notices are a courtesy.
  3. Users are not exempt from fines if a notice is not received.
  4. Registration holds must be paid in full.

*University of Nebraska-Lincoln faculty and staff are exempt from daily overdue fines.

Records and Payments

  • Records are blocked when fines/fees reach $2.00 and are unblocked when paid in full.
  • Fines and other charges can be paid at any of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Libraries
    • Payments can be made by cash, check or NCard
    • Checks should be written to University of Nebraska-Lincoln Libraries and sent to:

      104 Love Library
      13th and R St.
      University of Nebraska–Lincoln
      Lincoln NE 68588-4102

    • Insufficient Fund Checks will be assessed a $30.00 fee per check.

Delivery/Interlibrary Loan Request Fees

Delivery/Interlibrary Loan is not able to obtain all requested items for free. Depending on the availability of the requested item, you may be required to pay fees to obtain them.

  • You can authorize an amount you are willing to pay for an item by choosing a 'Maximum Cost' when you submit your request.
  • If the item does have a charge, and you have not authorized payment at the time the request is submitted, you will be contacted with a cost estimate.
  • The request will be cancelled in Delivery/Interlibrary Loan until you approve the charge by:

If you have questions regarding the charges for an a specific request or potential charges for an item you would like to request, please contact ASKus.

Community User/Alumni User Charges

Non-University of Nebraska-Lincoln Community Users pay a $10.00 service fee for items not available at University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Any additional costs incurred will be added to the $10.00 fee.

Overdue Fines for Delivery/Interlibrary Loan Items

All overdue items are assessed at $1.00 per business day.

Fines for Lost Delivery/Interlibrary Loan Items

  • Lost items are assessed a $150 lost item fee for each item 14 days overdue and a $10.00 lost item processing fee.
  • If you return the item, the $150 lost item fee may be removed at the discretion of library staff. The $10.00 processing fee is non-refundable.
  • We reserve the right to revise the Delivery/Interlibrary Loan lost item charge if the charge collected by the lending library exceeds $150.