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Elevators & Handicap AccessDirections to Help Get You Here

Handicap access with automatic doors:
  1. Enter Avery Hall through South doors (1 outer, 1 inner).
  2. Access elevator by taking door immediately to the right.
  3. Press '2' to access the first floor.
  4. Take a right, follow the hallway to the stairs (there is a left and right turn in the middle) turn left.
  5. Elevator is the second to the left.
  6. Press 'B' for basement.
  7. Take 2 quick right turns, follow hallway to the end (there's a left and right turn in the middle).
  8. CONGRATULATIONS, you made it!
Handicap access without automatic doors:

Enter using the ramp on the northwest side of the building.

Highlighted Databases Just a sampling of the over 250 sources you can search for materials.

Math Review

MathSciNetSearchable Web database providing access to Mathematical Reviews and Current Mathematical Publications.

Math Review

Jahrbuch Project: ERAM Contains volumes 1 to 68 (1868-1942) of the "Jahrbuch ├╝ber die Fortschritte der Mathematik".

Computer Science Manuals

Safari Books Online The premier on-demand digital library providing technology, digital media, and business books and videos online to academic and library users.

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  • OR, for general web browsing needs

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Rooms are available for every type of study situation.

Study Areas

  • first-come, first-use small group study room
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Collections & Departments We SupportWe support departments by providing materials to students and staff

We primarily serve graduate students, advanced undergraduate students, and faculty utilizing specialized research materials in the fields of:

  • Mathematics
  • Theoretical Statistics
  • Computer Science

We purchase electronic access rights to a number of resources devoted to Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science.