Tutorial on Music Searching Skills

Searching the catalog for books and articles in the Music Library is no different from searching for books and articles in Love Library. Finding music, however, is more complicated. In this tutorial, you will be presented with advanced skills that will help you track down scores and recordings using the online catalog.

The Music Library, in room 30 of Westbrook Music Building, has a collection of over 55,000 books and scores and more than 18,000 sound recordings. Check out the Music Library's web page for more information on its collections and services.

Graphic for music tutorial

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Tutorial written, compiled and designed by staff of the University Libraries. The five sections on Uniform Titles are, with slight changes, taken with permission from the following web site: https://libraries.indiana.edu/?pageId=3893, which was authored by staff at the Indiana University Cook Music Library and copyrighted in 1998.