Emergency Procedures

The following information outlines UNL Libraries evacuation and shelter procedures for fire, bomb, power outage, and tornado emergencies. We encourage you to review this information and become familiar with University alarms, evacuation routes and shelter locations.

If you have questions about the evacuation route or shelter procedures, contact or visit the ASKus desk located at each of our Libraries.

For additional information about University of Nebraska Emergency Planning and Preparedness, visit Emergency Preparedness Resources.

Fire or Bomb Threat

  • When the fire alarm goes off, evacuate the building.
  • Exit the building through designated fire exits.
  • Do NOT use elevators to evacuate the building.


Activation of civil defense sirens occurs only when a tornado has been spotted on the ground near University campuses. When a tornado warning has been issued:

  • Proceed to the basement.
  • Use main stairs to get to the basement.
  • Wait for the all-clear from library staff before exiting the basement.

Power Outage

If a power outage occurs in the building, the emergency lights will activate. You may be asked to evacuate the building.

People With Medical Conditions or a Disability

  • Do NOT use elevators during an emergency.
  • Move to an area in the center core of the building away from windows.
  • If you need to evacuate, proceed to the nearest fire exit.