Dinsdale Family

The Dinsdale family emigrated from England to Nebraska, through Elkhorn, Nebraska, in the late 1800’s, settling north of the Loup River in Nance County. George Dinsdale and his wife, Annie, established and grew farming and cattle feeding interests and eventually built a house in Palmer, Nebraska.

In the early 1900’s, George’s two sons, Tom and George, continued to grow these agricultural interests and became investors in the State Bank – Palmer around 1938.

Tom had no children. George had four sons, George, Jack, Roy and Howard.

George became a travel agent, fluent in French, and a graduate of the Cordon Bleu in Paris, France. He married Elizabeth, and they made their home in Omaha. They had no children. George and Elizabeth both graduated from the University of Nebraska.

Howard was an opthalmologist, married to Barbara, and lived in Lincoln. Each graduated from the University of Nebraska. They have two children, Bob and Nancy.

After graduating from the University of Nebraska, Roy married Gloria and moved to Palmer in 1949. Roy and Gloria have three children, Sid, Chris and Jane.

Jack served in the military. He married Gretchen and moved to Palmer in 1948 after his service. They have two children, Tom and Lynn.

In 1959, Roy and Jack purchased the National Bank of Neligh in Neligh, Nebraska. The Dinsdale family already owned the State Bank – Palmer, and with this acquisition, they began the banking company now known as Pinnacle Bancorp, Inc.

Roy and Jack were partners in business for more than 60 years. Their partnership mirrored the partnership of their father George and uncle Tom. Both partners put aside their egos to cooperate for the greater good of their families and businesses.

"I think our dad and uncle were a little unusual in the ability to work so well together and I think Jack and I have been a little unusual too."

- Roy Dinsdale

"Life has been so good to us. I guess it’s a little ability, but a lot of luck. You just couldn’t be very unhappy in this situation."

- Jack Dinsdale

Today, the fifth generation of the Dinsdale family remains invested and working in the banking, farming and cattle industries.

"Our father and uncle are examples of Nebraskans who want others to succeed. To honor Gloria and Roy Dinsdale and Gretchen and Jack Dinsdale, our generation has gifted money to support the Dinsdale Family Learning Commons at the University of Nebraska Lincoln."

Dawn and Sid Dinsdale
Joy and Chris Dinsdale
Jane Dinsdale Rogers
Kim and Tom Dinsdale
Lynn and Sam Marchese

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Ruth and Bill Scott

Ruth and Bill Scott are deeply rooted and invested in the community where they have lived most of their lives and the state they call home. Over the years, the Scott family has made extraordinary and transformational private investments in the University of Nebraska. In 2009 the University of Nebraska Board of Regents presented Ruth and Bill Scott with its most prestigious award, the Regents Medal, for their extraordinary contributions to the university’s academic programs, scholarships, and facilities.

"We hope that this will be a place where students want to congregate to spend time together and that it will be a hub that encourages students, teachers and the broader community to explore, create, collaborate and have some fun.

- Ruth and Bill Scott