Reproduction Request Policy and Fees

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Reproduction Request Policy and Fees

Publication and Reproductions Statement

As archivists, our work reflects the Society of American Archivists core values, including “expanding access and usage opportunities for users, and potential users, of archival records.” Promoting the use of our rare and unique research materials is a key part of our mission. With these principles in mind, we have created Publication and Reproduction Request Policies to support equitable and widespread use of our materials.

We acknowledge MIT Libraries, UC Berkeley Library, and the University of Iowa Libraries, whose permissions policies provided inspiration for our own.

For information about publication policies and fees or reproduction policies and fees, visit the pages linked below.

Reproduction Request Policy

  • Reproductions of our materials may be requested for use in private study, scholarship, research, or publication.
  • In our reading room, users may take non-flash photographs of materials for use in private study, scholarship, or research.
  • Researchers who intend to use reproductions of materials in publications, broadcasts, or displays should consult the Publication Request Policy for guidance.
  • Reproduction fees are listed in the Reproduction Fees section below.
    • Fees are waived on the first ten reproductions in a year for all users.
  • Reproductions will be provided after payment is processed.
  • Some items may not be reproduced due to condition, copyright, or access restrictions. Staff reserve the right to refuse to accept a reproduction request if, in their judgment, fulfillment of the order would damage the item or violate applicable laws or restrictions.
  • The turn-around time for reproductions depends on the quantity and complexity of an order as well as available staffing and the original item’s format.
    • On average, allow fifteen working days for completion of reproductions.
    • Higher quality digital reproductions or reproductions of bound volumes and oversized materials may require additional time.
    • Duplication of microfilm, audio, or video may require ten weeks or more. Additional fees apply when duplication requires use of a commercial lab. Contact Archives & Special Collections regarding estimates.
  • Rush orders of less than ten working days require staff approval and may be charged an additional fee.
  • If the scale of a reproduction request impacts our ability to provide effective and equitable service to all researchers, Archives & Special Collections may impose a total limit on reproductions.


  • Commercial use: Use in a profit-making venture.
  • Non-commercial use: Use by non-profit entities, public broadcasters, accredited educational institutions, and their departments (including academic presses), and government entities.
  • Publication includes use of an item in print, electronic (online or on other media), broadcast, microfilm, or public display.
  • Reproductions include digital and paper-based duplicates of collection materials.

Reproduction Fees

Item Fee
Photocopies per exposure (printed materials) $0.10
Photocopies per exposure (manuscript and other unique materials) $0.15
Digital Reproduction (per image) $15.00
Digital Reproduction (per image) Fee Waived (first 10 images) after 10, regular fees apply
Microfilm reader printer copies per exposure, self service $0.25
Microfilm reader printer copies per exposure, by staff $0.25
Positive Microfilm, no existing negative $125.00 per reel
Positive Microfilm, existing printing master negative $42.00 (diazo), $61.00 (Silver Halide)
Black and white photographic print, 5 x 7 $15.00
Black and white photographic print, 8 x 10 $20.00
Color prints, 8 x 10 $15.00
Color slides (35 mm) per slide $5.00*
*Note: UNL faculty, staff and students are entitled to a 50% discount on slides used for classroom purposes.
Color transparencies $50.00 plus lab costs
Film or video, 16mm, VHS, Betacam SP tape, etc.** Lab costs plus 50%
Cassette or reel-to-reel tapes** Lab costs plus 50%
**Duplication of tapes must be done by commercial laboratories, therefore, an additional charge for handling is added to lab costs.
Encapsulated and oversize materials (maps, posters, etc.) Reproduction costs + $10 handling fee

Access & Use

Visit the Access & Use page for the Historical Records Statement and for information about Access and Use Guidelines.

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