Reading room Locations & Guidelines

Our reading rooms are open by appointment only Mon-Fri, 9am-4pm. An appointment provides an opportunity to prepare materials in advance and make the best use of your visit.

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Reading Room Locations & Guidelines


City Campus Reading Room

Archives & Special Collections Reading Room
29 Love Library
Lincoln, NE 68588

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East Campus Reading Room

LDRF Reading Room
2055 N 35th St
Lincoln, NE 68583

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Reading Room Guidelines

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When visiting the reading rooms, all researchers using Archives & Special Collections materials must register. University of Nebraska students, faculty, or staff are asked to show their university i.d. cards. Non-university researchers are asked to provide another form of photo identification.

The collections held by Archives & Special Collections contain rare or unique items. To protect our collections we ask our patrons to observe the following guidelines.

  • Please provide valid photo identification.
  • Use only pencils. If you do not have a pencil one will be provided.
  • Food or drink are not allowed in the reading room.
  • Be careful not to let laptops, notebooks or other objects rest on top of books, manuscripts, or archival materials.
  • Do not attach items to or mark the materials. Paper slips are provided to flag a page in a book or a document in a folder.
  • Please use one folder from a box at a time and maintain the existing order within each folder and box.
  • When selecting documents to be photocopied, copy slips are provided to identify the items.
  • Cotton gloves are provided for handling photographs and other items as necessary.
  • Archive staff reserves the right to examine the researcher's briefcase, bags, notebooks, or any other personal property before a patron or researcher leaves the reading room.
  • Patrons are requested to use cell phones outside of the reading room.