Czech Heritage & Ethnic American Collections

Czech Heritage & Ethnic American Collections

Joseph G. Svoboda, University Archivist, served the University of Nebraska-Lincoln from 1968 until his retirement in 1993. One of his most enduring contributions to the University was to found the Czech Heritage Collections. Under his guidance, collections relating to Czech immigration, exile, WWII, and the Prague Spring, were gathered from all over the world. An exile himself, Svoboda sought exile newspapers and developed close working relationships with Czech exile journalists in other countries. Of particular interest, Svoboda eventually recorded 65 interviews with Nebraskans for Czech descent. In 2001, Svoboda was honored at the Czechoslovak Society for Arts and Sciences (SVU) conference held in Lincoln, Nebraska, for his role in creating the Czech Heritage Collections. New Czech collections continue to be added today.

For more information, see Joseph Svoboda.

For more information on the history of Czechs in Nebraska, see the Czech Heritage Project

Danish Collections:

  • Danish Brotherhood in America Collection

Japanese American/Asian Collections:

  • Memoirs from Patrick Sano and George J. Furutani
  • Teniyon Sugar Factory Collection

Russian Collections