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Browse online exhibits featuring materials from Archives & Special Collections. These exhibits represent a small portion of our collections. Learn more about our collections or contact us to schedule a visit.

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University History

COVID19 Digital Archive

This digital archive documents the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath on individuals in the University's community of students, employees, and alumni.

Nebraska U: A Collaborative History

From the Archives of the UNL Libraries, Nebraska U is an effort to explore, through student research projects and multimedia, the history of Nebraska's most important University.

An Architectural Tour of Historic UNL

More than 60 building descriptions are included in this historic virtual tour of UNL covering 1869-1965. Biographical sketches of architects, faculty members, donors, regents, and others are included along with images, text, and maps. Keyword searching is available.

Cornhusker Marching Band History

See the sights and sounds of marching band history from its beginnings in 1879.

Japanese American NISEI Site

Website on the Japanese-American/Asian Collections at the UNL Libraries highlighting books, original documents, and alumni stories.

Ivy Days

Experience the enchantment of Ivy Days through historical photographs and documentation. Ivy Days is one of the University of Nebraska's long-standing traditions that still takes place each year.

Prairie Schooner History

A historical look at the editors who guided the Prairie Schooner through 75 years of continuous publication.

Art & Literature

The Willa Cather Archive

Images, text, manuscripts, and critical materials that document and contextualize the work of author Willa Cather (b.1873-d.1947).

George Cather Ray Collection

Learn about the George Cather Ray Collection and view documents and photographs relating to Willa Cather's cousin, G.P. Cather, and his experience in World War I.

Ralph Blakelock, The Artist and the Archives

Ralph Albert Blakelock, a 19th-century American artist, is known for his moonlight landscapes and quiet paintings of American Indian encampments.

Stuart P. Embury, M.D., Library of American Art

The Stuart P. Embury, M.D., Library of American Art includes exhibition catalogs, primary material, and books covering all major and many minor figures in American Art, including painters, sculptors and printmakers.

Photo from the Willa Cather archives
Photo from Willa Cather Archives

United States & World History

The Beverly Deepe Keever Collection

Those interested in the Vietnam War, journalism, women’s & gender studies, ethnic studies, environmental studies, or publishing will find Keever’s materials and her work an invaluable wealth of information. This website makes a small selection of Keever’s original writings available to the public.

The John McConihe Correspondence: Speculating the Frontier

Learn about the early history of the Nebraska Territory through the writings of speculator John McConihe. The John McConihe Correspondence contains over 100 documents that detail the life and business of a frontier pioneer involved in land speculation, politics, and society.

Woodrow Wilson Archives at the University of Nebraska

This exhibit features a variety of documents, items, and images related to President Wilson, his leadership during World War I, and his involvement at the Paris Peace Conference. These materials provide further insight into the life and presidency of Woodrow Wilson and the prevalent issues of his time.