Safe Assignment

The UNL Libraries has set up the Libraries' Safe Assignment Service for students to submit drafts as a tool for teaching about plagiarism and for students to ensure they have given proper credit for the work of others before a paper is submitted to a professor.

Safe Assignment is Blackboard's feature for checking the originality of student work. The software uses text-matching to identify content that appears to be quoted or paraphrased from Internet resources, "paper mills", commercial databases or previously submitted UNL student work. When a draft is submitted, Safe Assignment generates a report where instances of text that the computer feels are not the student's original work are highlighted with a link to the original source for comparison.

To use the service, send an email to One of the contacts will register you for the service and answer any questions about the service including how to submit a draft, how to interpret the results, and what type of files are accepted by the software.

Please keep in mind that Safe Assignment matches against materials chosen by Safe Assignment, which may not include all of your original sources.