Print, Copy & Scan

Photo of ink kiosk in Geology Library
Print. Copy. Scan.

Print & Copy

INK is UNL's campus-wide printing solution with locations in UNL Libraries.

INK is connected throughout campus and operates through the cloud. Accounts you can print from include:

  • INKcloud
  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • Instagram
  • OR, by using a flash drive

Get more information at

How To Use INK KiosksStart using the INK kiosks by logging in or creating an account and adding funds.

Sending Items To Print
  1. Select 'print to INK' when choosing where to send your item to print.
  2. Select University of Nebraska-Lincoln and login with your username/password.
  3. The print job will be sent to your account in the cloud.
  4. Go to any INK Kiosk to print your materials. Login and select print > print jobs and select the job.
  5. Follow the screen prompts to change your print from color to black and white.
Costs & Payment Options
  • B&W: $.09 per page.
  • Duplex B&W: $.15 per page
  • Color: $.40 per page
  • Faxing: $.95
  • Scanning: FREE

INK accepts payment from:

  • credit cards
  • OR, purchase a $5.00 prepaid card for $5.60 at the Love South ASKus Lobby location.

About INKGet answers to questions, or satisfy your journey of self-discovery

  • Print Speeds: Color - 35 ppm; Black & White - 70 ppm
  • Scan Speeds: 30 ppm
  • Integrates with mobile devices through the site, or scan and share it on your iPad or Kindle device.
  • Is friendlier, using less power and doesn't use cartridges or toner.
  • A one-stop-shop for managing your documents with print, scan, copy.
  • Send print jobs from your room (or wherever you are) to any location on campus.
  • Print 4x6 copies of your digital photos.
  • Digitally sign documents or send signature requests using Cloudsign.


Scanners Connected to Computers
  1. Using scanners directly connected to computers in the library is a free service.

    Large format scanners are available at:

  2. Scans can be saved to the Cloud, Google Drive, Dropbox or, to a USB flash drive.
Scan On A INK Kiosk

Scan documents using a INK kiosk, with options to send it to your INKcloud, DropBox or Google Drive accounts or load it onto a flash drive.