Library Depository Retrieval Facility (LDRF)

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More Materials Than You Can Imagine

Library Depository Retrieval FacilityStoring less-used, yet no less-important, collections

We have an immense collection of library materials and Government Information & Documents available.

  • The depository serves as a high-density storage area for low-use library materials.
  • The high-tech building features the most modern technology available for storing and retrieving large numbers of books.
  • The building provides a secure environment for little used yet permanent and important parts of the libraries' collections.

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Inside the LDRF Building

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You have the option to view your materials at our facility.

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So we can prepare for your visit, please notify us before your arrival:

  • Call ahead to schedule your visit.
  • Let us know what you are looking for and we'll have it ready for you.

Coming Soon!Construction of A 2nd Facility Set To Be Complete In 2017

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