Instruction at UNL Libraries

Instruction at UNL Libraries

If you're an instructor wishing to schedule a library instruction session for your class, use the library instruction request form.

All Individuals are invited to the classes on this calendar. You can also request a consultation with a research coach.

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The Libraries offer a variety of ways to help students develop their research and information literacy skills. While we recommend students begin early in their career at UNL, it’s never too late to learn! Through the Library Instruction office and Subject specialists, basic and advanced instruction sessions can be tailored to meet the needs of your students and course.

Each academic department has an assigned Subject Librarian. This Librarian will perform most of the library instruction for that department and has expertise in research sources and methods, and is knowledgeable about library services, policies, and collections. In consultation with faculty, Subject Librarians can develop personalized instruction sessions that achieve course and information literacy goals. Common goals are:

    • Introducing students to the library buildings, website, resources and services
    • Teaching the skills students need to complete specific research assignments
    • Teaching basic research and information literacy skills
    • Teaching advanced discipline-specific research and information literacy skills
    • Teaching students to select, access, evaluate, and cite resources

How can the Libraries’ help you? Here are some suggestions:

    • Talk with Subject Librarians about building library and research assignments that address information literacy standards and your goals for the course
    • Check with Subject Librarians to make sure assignments are up-to-date with our rapidly changing services and collections
    • Build library instruction sessions into your course syllabus and discuss your specific goals and expectations for library sessions with the instructor
    • Using Introduction to Majors classes to begin instruction in advanced discipline-specific research and information literacy skills
    • Combining classroom instruction with online Subject & Course Guides
    • Linking specific Subject & Course Guides to your Blackboard site
    • Encourage your students to consult with Subject Librarians or ask for research help using the Libraries many Ask Us services

Get more information on literacy standards.


Toni Anaya
Instruction Coordinator

Sue Leach
Project Associate, Library 110 & Basic Instruction
Instruction Request Form
Instruction Survey

Your class can come to the Libraries or librarians can visit your classroom. Space available for instruction in the Libraries depends on the branch. Love Library has a lecture room with an instructor's workstation; Love Library and CYT Library have instruction rooms with multiple student workstations. In smaller branches, instruction may take place in public computer areas. Since demand is heavy, the instruction rooms are available only for librarian instruction conducted by library staff.

Instruction Request Form

UNL Classes and Groups

For basic instruction for English 150 and 151, contact Sue Leach 402-472-0703 or Toni Anaya, 402 472-4199.

For basic or advanced instruction for other classes, contact the Subject Librarian for your area.

For instruction for other UNL groups, contact Sue Leach 402-472-0703 or Toni Anaya, 402-472-4199.

You are welcome to bring classes to library public computer areas for group work sessions. While we cannot guarantee that a public computer will be available for each student, we will do our best to accommodate your classes. Some students may need to use their laptops.

To help us prepare, please notify us in advance of class visits. For Love Library, contact Sue Leach 402-472-0703 or Toni Anaya, 402-472-4199. For other branches, contact the Subject Librarian for your area.

We recommend that students register for wireless access and Active Directory prior to library visits.

Library staff will be happy to assist the students.

High School Classes

Visit the "High School Users Program" page for more information.

Local College and Community College Classes

Teachers at local colleges and community colleges may arrange for class instruction in using research sources available at the University Libraries.

For basic instruction for basic composition courses, contact Sue Leach 402-472-0703.

For basic or advanced instruction for other classes, contact the Subject Librarian for the discipline.

Subject & Course Guides

Online Subject & Course Guides are developed by UNL Subject Librarians. They are designed to guide students in research sources and methods. Many focus on specific disciplines, subjects, and courses. A Faculty Toolkit section provides information on topics such as information literacy standards and using library resources effectively in Blackboard.

- Go to to view the Guides currently available

- Refer your students to Guides

- Link Guides to your course Blackboard site

- Contact the Subject Librarian to request custom Guides

Library 110

The Colleges of Fine & Performing Arts, Journalism and Mass Communications, Agriculture Sciences and Natural Resources, and parts of Education & Human Sciences require that their students take the online, 5-week, self-directed course before graduation. Other students choose to take it to learn basic skills or to add a one credit course. It is one way to help ensure that students acquire a standard and basic level of knowledge and skills.