Love Library Emergency Procedures

Emergency Procedures

  • Love Library patrons are encouraged to read and understand these procedures, in case of an emergency.
  • It is each patron's responsibility to be familiar with the University alarms and the areas of evacuation or shelter.
  • Patrons should make themselves aware of this knowledge in any building, not simply the University Libraries.

The procedures listed here are only for the Love Library complex. Questions about the evacuation and/or shelter procedures for other libraries in the UNL system should be directed to the primary service point at the library branch in question.

There are four types of emergencies which require emergency procedures within Love Library:

  • Fire
  • Tornado
  • Power Outage
  • Bomb Threat

The fire alarm is identifiable by its continuous ringing. Fire alarms in Love North and Love South operate separately. 

  • When the fire alarms sound in either Love South or Love North only that section of the building is to be evacuated.
  • If the fire alarm were to ring throughout the building, procedures for clearing both sides of the building should be followed.
  • In case of evacuation, exit the building through the designated fire exits.
  • Do NOT use elevators when evacuating the building.
  • Fire exits in Love South are located in the east and west stair columns on the south side of the building and should be followed to the ground level.
  • Fire exits in Love North are located to the east and west sides, behind the elevator columns, and lead to stair columns which should be followed to ground level.

Evacuation Procedures for Disabled Patrons: Proceed to the nearest fire exit. Emergency personnel will search for individuals there first. If you see a staff member evacuating the building, notify them of your presence.

The tornado alarm is identifiable by an intermittent ring at six second intervals in Love North. Love South has a voice alarm. The civil defense siren will be sounded only when a tornado has actually been sighted in the immediate campus area or when radar or civil defense spotters indicate the tornado is approaching close to the campus and offers an actual threat to the University community.

  • When seeking tornado shelter, proceed to the basements. If you have a medical condition which precludes entering the basement for extended periods please proceed to the nearest restroom. If you see a staff member directing traffic inside the building, notify them of your presence.
  • Patrons should use main stairs to basement.
  • Wait for all-clear from library staff before coming upstairs.

Tornado Procedures for Disabled Patrons: Proceed to the nearest restroom. If you are unable to enter the restroom, stay in the area adjacent to the nearest restroom (the restroom doors are not handicapped accessible). If you see a staff member directing traffic inside the building, notify them of your presence. Do NOT use elevators when seeking shelter inside the building.

Should a power outage occur in the building, the emergency lights in Love South will operate for approximately 30 minutes. Love North generators will keep lights on indefinitely.

  • Patrons will need to exit the building.

No signal or alarm is designated for bomb procedures.

  • In case of an emergency evacuation, follow the procedures for Fire Evacuation.
  • For non-emergency situations, please exit the building promptly through the main exit, as directed by library staff.

Each emergency incident is unique, and exact information regarding best practices for each situation cannot be provided.
You are encouraged to review the UNL Police Department (UNLPD)'s safety overview document:


For Libraries Evacuation / Emergency Procedures:
Deb Pearson
Head, Libraries Facilities Planning
(on campus: 2-2222)