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Jennifer Thoegersen

Jennifer Thoegersen Assistant Professor
Data Curation Librarian
Love Library

Two truths and a lie:

  1. I ran a marathon in Helsinki, Finland.
  2. My brother has 6 older sisters.
  3. I taught my husband English.
Profile:"I’m Jenny, and I work in the Computing and Research Services Department at Love Library. As Data Curation Librarian, I instruct and consult on data management planning and contribute to the preservation of digital assets at UNL Libraries.”

Favorite aspect of position:
"My job is a great combination of technology and personal interaction. I get to spend a lot of my time learning and working with complex software and troubleshooting issues. However, I also have the opportunity to collaborate with others in the Libraries and around campus on projects. I am able to both help and learn from a wide array of people from all different disciplines, and that has been really exciting..”

Likes and interests:
"I love to experience new, interesting places. I spent most of the last few years living abroad--in Norway, Estonia, Italy, and New Zealand. There is something really wonderful about arriving a stranger in a new, unusual place and staying long enough to start thinking of it as home. "

1: True: In 2008, I ran my first (and currently, only) marathon in Helsinki. I was in the city for a 3-week international summer school, and the marathon happened to fall during my time there, so I figured, why not? I trained over the summer and crossed the finish line in the 1938 Helsinki Olympic Stadium.

2: True: I have a blended family with 2 sisters, a brother, and 3 step sisters. My brother, Josey, is the youngest and the only boy! We also attended a small elementary school and for several years he was the only boy in his class, as well!

3. English is a second language—after Danish—for my husband, Rasmus, but I did not teach him to speak it. In Denmark—where Rasmus is from—children begin to learn English in grade school. Rasmus also spent a lot of time reading in English and studied at UNC-Chapel Hill for a semester before I met him, which helped him improve his English, as well. By the time I met him, he was already very eloquent when speaking in English.

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