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Welcome to 24/7 Ques Co-operative, a 24/7 web-based "real-time" reference service, that allows faculty, staff and students to ask questions and get answers online. Because UNL Libraries has joined a cooperative, you may be discussing with a non-UNL librarian. Based on information provided by UNL, librarians in the cooperative answer questions when UNL librarians are not available. They may refer questions to UNL librarians for follow-up by email or phone.

You may also ask your question via email or phone, or visit any University Libraries.

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Privacy Notice: Transcripts of email and 24/7 Ques Co-op reference questions and answers may be used by authorized library staff for research and statistical purposes. Transcripts will be deleted after 90 days. Selected questions and answers, stripped of all personal information, may be archived. For more information about this policy, check the UNL General Privacy Policy or contact Toni Anaya,